Reusable Face Mask with Moisture Filter


Reusable Face Mask with Moisture Particle Filter.

These Reusable Face masks are made from a fine 100% woven cotton and have a built in Filter.

The Masks can be Machine Washed, and should be naturally dried (tumble driers may damage the filter). It is best to iron the folds back in while the face mask is slightly damp, to keep it looking smart

The mask is fitted with elastic ear loops for easy use.

These are Non-Medical Face Covers and will not prevent contamination, so please observe the rules and keep 2 meters apart where ever possible. Try to touch the face mask as little as possible, and wash your hands as often as possible.

Our Face Masks are made with Three layers of fabric for good cover, and are designed with Four Folds for Better Fit and Better Cover.

The mask should be worn with the folds pointing downwards, to avoid dust catching in the folds.